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Mimas is the graphical interface for rubyk and any oscit (open sound control it) enabled devices. The source code for the application is released under the MITlicense but the application as a whole is GPL (GNU General Public License) since we are using the excellent juce framework.

The application will run on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux but currently only compiles on Mac OS X.


We have not released any version of mimas yet.

Source code

The source code can be retrieved with git on

Bug tracking

If anything seems wrong with this library, please open a ticket (if this seems too much, sent an email to the mailing-list).

mimas name ?

The name comes from the smallest natural satellite in the solar system that is spherical (looks like a moon).

Mimas has a big crater which makes it look like some sort of giant eye, and that’s what the graphical interface is about: “see and master it all”.